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April 23, 2010

Bill It – IPhone App – Time Entry On The Go, QuickBooks Integration

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Warning: this post is a shameless commercial promotion.

I have a secret. I have been working on an IPhone app. I am proud to announce that it’s finished and for sale in the App Store. Current price: $4.99. It’s called Bill It.

The Problem

I created Bill It because I needed it myself. I am a consultant, and I use QuickBooks to bill my clients. The edition of QuickBooks that I use comes with a nice time entry feature that makes it pretty easy to bill my clients based on time and materials. But it’s inconvenient to open QuickBooks whenever I want to record my time. But if I wait, I forget, and that’s bad. I have used various mobile apps to capture my time — first on a Palm device, then on my IPhone. But this presents a different problem: double entry. It’s a hassle to transcribe hours from one screen to another, but the real problem is accuracy. Each transcription carries with it a small risk of error. Billing errors are bad.

The Solution

So I created Bill It. Bill It lets me enter my time on the go with no friction. The time is accurate because I enter it when it’s fresh in my mind. When billing time rolls around, it’s a couple of taps to send myself an email with a file attached. I open QuickBooks, and with a few clicks the time is imported. No fear of errors, and very little hassle.

Bill It Lite

A pet peeve of mine is paying for an app that I will never use. Even if it’s only a buck. On the other hand I don’t mind paying a premium price for an app I will use regularly. So I created Bill It Lite, which lets users try out every aspect of Bill It before they pay for it. Another pet peeve is when I try out a lite version only to realize that I must redo a bunch of setup and data entry when I buy the full version. Not with Bill It Lite. Users can buy the full version right in the app. No new app. No redoing setup and data entry.

You might also be interested to know that I developed Bill It using MonoTouch and Catnap.

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