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August 16, 2011

FluentHtml Gets HTML 5 Support

Filed under: FluentHtml, MS MVC — Tim Scott @ 11:20 pm

We have added HTML5 support to FluentHtml in the MvcContrib project.  Specifically, we added support for most of the new input types, input attributes and the new datalist element.  Now you can do like so:

@this.TextBox(x => x.Countries).List("countriesList").Autofocus()
@this.SearchBox(x => x.Term).Placeholder("Enter search terms").Novalidate(shouldValidate)
@this.DatePicker(x => x.CompletedDate).Required(true).Limit(minDate, maxDate) //min, max
@this.TimePicker(x => x.StartTime).Limit(TimeSpan.FromHours(10), TimeSpan.FromHours(14), 60) //min, max, step
@this.NumberBox(x => x.CompletedDate).Limit(0, 100, 10) //min, max, step
@this.EmailBox(x => x.Email).Multiple(true).Autocomplete(false)

The above is just an example. There’s a lot more too. You know of course that a lot of this stuff is not yet supported by many browsers.  But it’s coming, and we wanted to be ready.  It might be some time before this is in the NuGet distro, but you can build the trunk and try it out now.

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